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Fireworks Fear

Fireworks are unavoidable, but there are a few things that we can do to help your pet cope

What to do prior to fireworks:

Eight weeks before: Start trying to desensitise your pet to the sounds of fireworks. This will help them get used to the loud bangs and eventually your pet will ignore these noises completely. Desensitisation works best the sooner it is started.

Four weeks before: Prepare a refuge area for your pet and plug in an Adaptil/Feliway diffuser.

For your dog on the day: Move your dog to blacked out room at sun down with some toys to keep him distracted and something for you to do so they do not feel abandoned. Put some music on, preferably something with a lot of constant drumbeats. It does not have to be loud. Try to engage your pet in some form of active game.

Do not punish your dog when they are scared. Do not try to fuss or reassure your dog when they are scared. Ignore any fearful behaviour that occurs for no good reason. Make sure your dog is kept in a safe secure environment so that they do not bolt and try to escape.

For your cat on the day: Ensure your cat it safely inside and make sure doors, windows and cat flaps are secure. Draw curtains to reduce the noise from the outside and play music or have the TV on to help mask the noise of fireworks.

Provide your cat with a litter tray before, during and after the fireworks. Ignore any fearful behaviour and do not try to comfort your cat. More importantly, do not try to pick them up or restrain them. Fearful cats prefer to be left to cope on their own. Try not to go out while the fireworks are going off. Stay calm and act normally. If you feel your cat is taking a long time to recover from the fireworks then consult your vet.

Products that are available to help your pet cope with stress of fireworks include: Zylkene, Vetpro, Adaptil, Feliway and Anxiety shirts.

You can call the surgery if you would like to discuss any of the above and please remember our nursing team offers FREE Fireworks Fear appointments.

Sound Desensitisation

Please remember to read the sounds scary booklet before playing the sounds to your pet.

Remember: Each pet is an individual, read the booklet and tailor it to your pets needs. If you are in any doubt or have any questions please call: 01771 624001.

Sounds Scary Booklet

Sounds Scary Tracks