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COVID-19 update: Client advice on what to do during the Coronavirus pandemic

Out of Hours

What do when we are closed

We provide our own emergency cover out of hours. Telephone 01771 624001, the call goes to a message service, your details are taken with your contact number and brief notes. This information is then transferred to the vet via a pager and we will call you back- please do not make calls until we have called you back, it is very frustrating for the vet to call and find number engaged. The answering service will ask you to call again if the vet has not responded to first call within 20 minutes. Sometimes we are able to give advice on phone. However if we feel it would be better for your pet to be examined we will ask you to bring your pet to the surgery – this means someone needs to drive, or if you need to, call a taxi. We recommend that you identify a local taxi prior to an emergency situation. Out of hours fees are more expensive than normal, the vet on call will provide an indication of costs involved, prior to arranging appointment.

Our basic call out fees start from £110.00 prior to 11pm and from £134.00 after 11pm. There will also be charges for surgery/medication on top of the call out fee. If the vet deems it necessary that best care would be provided in a centre with 24 hour care we would recommend your pet is referred to Vets Now in Aberdeen.    Clients would be responsible for transporting their own pet.

We can occasionally provide house visits out of hours – however, this can be very difficult for us to manage, depending on what other cases we have in the surgery, and also what other calls we receive. Vets do not carry any drugs with them when on call – this means that if someone calls out of hours and requests a visit, the vet has to go to the surgery, try to gauge the drugs which may be needed and then head out. So the quickest option to be seen is for you to bring your pet in. Whilst your pet is under our care overnight the vet will decide on the number of visits required to be made to the surgery. Our practice is unmanned overnight.